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How do you define your brand? What are your values and beliefs? How can you convey your brand’s identity to Iranian users? Novin is a digital marketing company which can help you express yourself through the right digital media, at the right moment, to the right Iranian people.

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Where your customers

World Population

7.357 Billion

Online Users

3.175 Bilion

Mobile Users

3.175 Billion

Social Networks Users

2.206 Billion


Learn more about your market. Are Iranian people aware of your brand? Who are your main competitors and what are their strategies? How do your customers behave?


Our designers and developers are always ready to help you find your way to Iran’s market. Develop your Farsi website and Android app, create effective mottos and graphics, etc.

SEO, UX and UI

Get better results in search engines and create a better UX for users. Optimize your website to reach more Iranian users through search and to offer them a pleasant experience.

Digital Advertising

Advertise your brand through the most popular digital media among Iranians. Search Engines, Social Networks, Email, SMS, PPC, etc. are at your disposal.

Content Marketing

Create relative and valuable content for Iranian users. Make them trust you and your expertise in the field. Update your website and social pages regularly.

CRM and Campaigns

Design marketing campaigns. . Attract new users. Make sure your customers remain loyal to your brand. Get their contact info and send emails and text messages to them.

Expand your market in Iran

Use our expertise and experience to reach Iranian customers

When it comes to digital marketing—whether you are new to Iran’s market or you already have a share of it—there are a few things that we can help you with: achieve a better rank in Farsi searches, offer your customers a better experience, reach more users through digital media, get Iranians attention, captivate their imaginations and let them know who you are.

Novin co. is a digital marketing company located in Tehran, Iran. We have been helping brands find their place in Iran’s digital market for 12 years now. We can do the same for you.

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